Drawing Delight from Daylight…

Why solar?

As the world moves towards environment friendly sources of energy, India is not far behind. As a rapidly emerging economy, we are also maturing in our handling of energy resources. We are proud to be part of this paradigm shift.

India has an abundance of green energy, one that is easily available across the country. The Government of India is ably supporting tapping of this source, the Sun,  by introducing several schemes, subsidies and tax breaks for promoting renewable energy.

We are one of the pioneers in the industry, with excellent workmanship, authentic outlook, the considerable knowledge of experts, the proven manufacturing, integration, installation, commissioning and after-sales services capability.

Our Values

Customer Focused

  • Satisfy our customers’ needs and expectations.
  • Make commitments we fully understand and believe we can meet.
  • Time-bound delivery, implementation and services.

Performance Driven

  • Verify that our products and services meet service level agreements.
  • Monitor, benchmark and continuously improve our business, products and services, organisation and employees’ performances.

Achieve Mission and Goals

Sustain and develop business growth and intellectual property.

Next Steps…

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